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Your dream is to maintain your ideal weight? Then we will pamper your palate with the Montignac method. Here's the secret of the French doctor Michel Montignac: not slimming with bans and prohibitions, but choosing the right foods. Our chef will prepare delicious dishes, which at the same time are good for your shape. Just enjoy and stay in shape by eating!

The Montignac method is an original nutritional concept aimed at people who want to:

  • Maintain their ideal weight in an effective and lasting way
  • Reduce the factors of cardiovascular risk
  • Prevent the onset of diabetes.

It is not a diet

The Montignac Method is not a diet in the traditional sense, since a diet means a food limit to be followed for a limited time.
In the Montignac method food is not restrictive and perfectly balanced. The aim is to change your own eating habits.
It's not about eating less, but to eat better by making the right choices! Michel Montignac has contributed for over 25 years to show that the calorie content is not, as we have always believed, a decisive factor for gain weight and demonstrated that the real cause of obesity is hyperinsulinism: an organic disorder indirectly caused by the nature of some foods.
Here, for equal calories, two foods of the same family or comparable with each other can cause an increase in weight or, conversely, a slimming, while for a long time have been considered as interchangeable. Furthermore, animal fats are replaced by small amounts of alcohol, in case of intolerance to gluten we replace it with spelt and adapt each menu to customer needs.

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