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The thermal water of Warmbad

Healing effect of the locomotor and musculoskeletal system

This water is indicated in the healing process of various diseases of the locomotor and musculoskeletal system as for the relaxing property.
Acratic thermal springs are known as one of the oldest type of balneology therapy. Their favourable influence on the general condition ("Fountains of Youth"), their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and calming (sedative) effects in diseases and damages of the musculoskeletal system, are recognized since centuries.

Thanks to the therapeutic modules of the hotel Warmbaderhof these properties are exploited at their best.

Chemical composition

The natural thermal water of Warmbad reaches a maximum capacity of 720 m³ per day, on average, 120 l / s. Every day 10 millions liters of water gush from 6 sources. The temperature at the source is between 25°-29° C. It is an acratic thermal source (since the temperature exceeds steadily the 20° C), the type is calcium-magnesium enriched with hydrogen carbonate. Radio and radon are present in very small quantities, irrelevant from the balneological point of view. Harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite are not present. To protect the quantity and quality of flow a special plan for water protection has been set up.
Summing up: in one second all the sources of Warmbad are able to fill a bathtub!

The healing effect of the thermal water of Warmbad: since Roman times

For over 2000 years, or since Roman times, the thermal springs of Warmbad-Villach had been used to relieve many illnesses and relax body and spirit. In fact, a Roman stele placed at the entrance of the therapy center Warmbad-Villach and dating back to 4. sec. AD he, extols its properties. Caius Decius Succesinus, commissioner of public housing in Claudium Virunum, the capital of the Norica province, placed at the time near the Zollfeld in Klagenfurt, has erected a votive offering to the goddess VIBE, one of the Roman goddesses of sources. Caius Decius Succesinus has fulfilled its votive views for himself and his wife healing. Still today the sources are authentic bearers of health.

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Key aspects at the Warmbaderhof

Medical SPA for your health

Around the gift of nature, our thermal water, a competent therapeutic team has developed some modules that serve as basis for the perfect combination of your treatments.



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