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Thermal springs

Health from the bowels of the earth

Behind the hotel Warmbaderhof, the Dobratsch mount stands in all its majesty. In the heart of the mount we find the aquatic karst watercourses as the cave system in which the surface water is collected and in turn mixed with the cold waters of the springs Römer and Studenza. On average, the water remains several years in the underground, until it gushes out of the ground, as Austria's southernmost thermal spring: in 6 different points within the spa resort of Warmbad-Villach and at a temperature between 25 and 29 ° C.

Water that heals

Here in Warmbad-Villach Warmbaderhof guests have the opportunity to see exactly where the thermal water springs:

  • Throughout the year, the sources fill the thermal indoor and outdoor pools. The additional sources: Neue Quelle, Zillerbadquelle and Tschamerquelle bring this healthy water on the surface - while the sources Maibachl, Hungerbach and Thermalbadquelle have different flow depending from the seasons.
  • Using core boring, secondary thermal sources as the Kahler or Josefinenhofquelle have been discovered.

    The classics of Warmbad

    The classics of Warmbad

    Doing nothing and at the same time doing so much. Discovering Warmbad.

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    Key aspects at the Warmbaderhof

    Medical SPA for your health

    Around the gift of nature, our thermal water, a competent therapeutic team has developed some modules that serve as basis for the perfect combination of your treatments.



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