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NEW: Vasana® Psychoactive Massage

New and unique in Austria

The massage movements are flowing and gentle, alternating from soft to strong. The Vasana® Psychoactive Massage helps to keep the body and mind in balance and boost the health of people experiencing psychological stresses and undergoing difficult periods in life or depression.

It improves sleep quality, has a stress-reducing effect and a positive impact on chronic pain, as demonstrated by a pertinent study. The Vasana® Psychoactive Massage can be used as a stabilising massage method to maintain health and as a means of preventing burn-out.

Four therapists have been trained in this new certified massage technique at the Hotel Warmbaderhof and in Austria, this technique is exclusively available at the hotel’s own VIBE therapy department. 

We in a unique position in Austria to be able to offer our guests the Vasana® back and neck massage and the Vasana® full-body massage. 

Vasana® Psychoactive Massage (back and neck)

Price for 40 mins € 54.00

Vasana® Psychoactive Massage (full-body)

Price for 80 mins € 102.00

Vasana® Psychoactive Massage therapist team
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