• Kulinarischer Streifzug durch das kleine Restaurant


Culinary voyage arount the world

'CULINARY VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD' - 8 courses, 8 countries
A particularly exciting and high-level culinary voyage around the world awaits as international dishes are refined with local produce and specialities. From Austria, you will set sail for France, Sri Lanka, Spain, Ireland, the USA and finally Italy and Switzerland. Prepare to be surprised!

We hope you enjoy it!

Jürgen Perlinger, Chef & Valentin Petelin, Sous Chef & Team

Michaela Neumayr, Chef Pa­tis­si­è­re/Master Confectioner & Team

Menu from 2nd July 2019

CULINARY VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD - 8 courses, 8 countries

Raw marinated Danube salmon the Payr region
Lavanttal artichokes / Buddha’s hand / Shiitake mushrooms
16.00 EUR

Ox tartar, reared on-site
Potato rösti / Truffle mayonnaise / Confit egg yolk / Mountain pepper
16.00 EUR

Foam of lemon grass soup
Crab from the Millstätter See lake (Moser family) / Sea fennel / Whitefish liver
12.00 EUR

Glazed salad of romaine lettuce hearts (Kunz family)
Nasturtium stock / Almond oil / Meadow flowers / Farmhouse curd
14.00 EUR

Flamed scallops
Carinthian salted lard / Oven-baked onions / Organic apricot salt / Lime blossom
26.00 EUR / 32.00 EUR

Smoked US flap steak
Water melon / Black beans / Cime di Rapa / Organic smoked cheese
36.00 EUR

Pastry crispVanilla & maraschino mousse / Raspberries

14.00 EUR

Blue sheep’s cheese from the Nuart farm
Pecan nuts / Uhudler wine / Fruit bread
14.00 EUR


3 courses with soup   54.00   EUR

3 courses with starter   60.00  EUR

4 courses   73.00  EUR

5 courses   86.00  EUR

6 courses   98.00  EUR

7 courses   112.00  EUR

8 courses  128.00  EUR

Chef’s recommendations

Fillet of turbot
Truffle / green asparagus / Tomato froth

34.00 EUR

Fillet steak of Black Angus Beef
Selection of vegetables, Celery purée / Jerusalem artichoke
48.00 EUR


Kaffir sorbet
7.00 EUR

Strawberry granité with Chinese Basil
7.00 EUR


Mozart ice-cream dumpling
Champagne jelly / Lime
14.00 EUR


Speciality Austrian organic cheeses
Orange mustard / Nuts / Walnut bread
14.00 EUR

Reservations requested at 0043 4242 3001 1283 or warmbaderhof (at) warmbad. at

Cover charge per person 3.50 EUR

We serve bread, butter and various spreads to start. Gluten-free bread can also be served, on request. Please ask our service team if you require any information about ingredients in our dishes which may trigger an allergy or intolerance.

All prices are in euros and include taxes and fees. 

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