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Eating and drinking well is perfect pleasure

Culinary pleasure at its best at the hotel Warmbaderhof

Prejudices shall be fought with concrete examples. Many people believe that healthy holidays deprive us of good food or that a healthy diet is not tasty. At the Warmbaderhof it is completely different. From the generous breakfast buffet with organic produce to the elegant multi-course dinner.

Our Chef Jürgen Perlinger and our pastry chef Michaela Neumayr impress with their sublime creation, right here, where since centuries cuisine is at the highest level.  

The classics of Warmbad

The classics of Warmbad

Doing nothing and at the same time doing so much. Discovering Warmbad.

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Culinary satisfaction from morning to night

A good day starts with a spectacular breakfast ... the choice is yours: biodynamic, Montignac, light or heavy. During the day our prize-awarded pastry Cafe Konditorei awaits you, it is just mandatory having a look at the spectacular cakes!

In the evening you can enjoy a gourmet menu, to be ordered as a light menu, dietary or according to the Montignac method, a pleasure to the highest degree without gaining weight.

How wonderful! If you prefer an elegant dinner, we suggest our restaurant "Das Kleine Restaurant" awarded with a toque by Gault Millau.


At the Warmbaderhof we offer carefully selected products, upgraded by the creativity and competence in the preparation. Where possible, we prefer local suppliers such as farmers from Carinthia with their excellent quality at zero miles. However for purchases for our cellar, we go around the world, to select the most interesting native grapes ... we propose as an alternative soft natural juices, from our region.


At the Warmbaderhof the tradition is at home, in fact we celebrate even the traditional 5 o’clock tea. A perfect opportunity to meet other guests, talk about the day and prepare for a relaxing evening. We believe that the proverb "Good food is good for body and soul" is true. Culinary delights should be really tasty, this is what we believe. Even perfect food is part of the holistic component of your holiday.

Do you want to book your next holidays? A healthy holiday which will delight even your palate.

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Culinary pleasure at its best at the hotel Warmbaderhof

Even perfect food is part of the holistic component of your holiday.