Welcome to this energy site where people regain health since a long time through the power of nature, where the culinary pleasure is at home and everyone can regenerate body and spirit.

The Warmbaderhof is at disposal of your health and of your well-being. 4 key points characterize the offer of this structure to support in terms of quality, doing something for your well-being. All programs are tailored to suit your needs.

Module Musculoskeletal system
Module Musculoskeletal System

The spine as the centre of attention

5 nights / 6 days incl. gourmet half board, VIBE therapy check-up, 8 applications and therapies (physiotherapies, individual underwater therapeutic exercises in thermal water, individual therapeutic exercises, massages, wraps, electrotherap

from € 990,00
Module Energy
Module Energy

Just for women

5 nights / 6 days incl. gourmet half board, VIBE therapy check-up, 7 applications and massages (holistic healing massage for women, QChi line massage, massage based on Breuss technique) etc.

from € 940,00
Module Fit for Life
Module Fit for Life

Personal Training & massages

5 nights / 6 days incl. gourmet half board, VIBE therapy check-up, 6 training units and massages, (Preventive personal training, individual coordinated training, endurance training, various massages) etc.

from € 930,00
Modul Beauty
Module Beauty

Naturally beautiful

5 nights / 6 days incl. gourmet half board, personal interview with a beauty and aestetics expert 4 facial & body applications: (Facial, body applications for detoxing, revitalisation, firming and purifying) etc.

from € 850,00
  • Interview regarding your health

    The skilled hands of our therapists are part of the experience that our guests appreciate.

    Interview regarding your health

  • Thermal spa resort Warmbad-Villach

    Thermal spa Kärnten Therme – unlimited fun

    Thermal spa resort Warmbad-Villach

  • The pool above the thermal spring

    ... swim directly above the thermal spring.

    The pool above the thermal spring


The variety of the hotel Warmbaderhof

We invite you to discover more about us - be inspired.
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A holiday at the Warmbaderhof is a dream with 5 stars. Already the Romans estimated these qualities. Aristocratic people spent their holidays here and famous businessmen and politics still do it today.


This peculiarity of Warmbad is unbelievable. A pool built directly above the thermal spring, where the water flows directly from the depth of the earth into the pool and nothing else is added. Pure thermal water.


Balneotherapy has a positive effect on the general state of health. Its favourable influence on the general condition ("Fountains of Youth"), their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and calming (sedative) effects in diseases and damages of the musculoskeletal system, are recognized for centuries.


Warmbaderhof Feelings

You will feel it from the beginning on, you as a person are the center of interest. With your individual needs.

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Health from the bowels of the earth...


Typical at the Warmbaderhof

A whole week just for me due to a personalized program of highest level!

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holidays for your health...