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The Maibachl - a wonder of nature

The name itself explains it: when the snow of Mount Dobratsch melts in May, filling the single  layers of the karst massif, in Warmbad the water flows with such abundance, that natural pools are originated (inviting to swim in the cozy warm water) in the middle of the forest.

Out off the Dobratsch massif, the water penetrates into the permeable layers of the soil where it is heated to 38 ° C, while the impermeable layers refer upwards: so that it is mixed with the cold water reaching the perfect temperature of 29 ° C. These natural pools are located about 10/15 meters higher than other thermal sources of Warmbad and therefore at disposal during the snow melt or in case of prolonged intense precipitation.

Bathing in the middle of nature

A gift of nature. This is the Maibachl. Natural pools, romantic and mysterious at the same time, full of beneficial water. Since 2003, the temperature, the chemical composition and the flow of this "natural monument" are recorded by the weather station of Carinthia, to warrant bathing in total safety even in the midst of nature.

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Medical SPA for your health

Around the gift of nature, our thermal water, a competent therapeutic team has developed some modules that serve as basis for the perfect combination of your treatments.


The VIBE Check UP, to define a tailor-made program especially for you.

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