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An experienced team of excellent and highly skilled Physiotherapists and on request, Doctors, will accompany you during your stay at the
Warmbaderhof *****, offering advice and suggestions. From the planning of individual treatments to specific applications related to the VIBE therapies. A guarantee of quality.

Physical examinations

Physical examination by a specialist (orhtopedist) € 114,00

Physical examination by a spa physician € 55,00

Individual psychological consultation € 116,00

Individual nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian (30 min.) € 40,00

On request the hotel reception or the reception of the therapeutic department VIBE can organise doctor appointments.


NaCl – Sodium Chloride (15 min.) € 14,00

Tub Baths

Thermal tub baths (20 min.) € 12,00

Bath with hay flowers, moor or whey essence (20 min.) € 16,50

Air bubbles or carbonated water bath (20 min.) € 16,50


Treatments take place at the ThermenParkHotel Josefinenhof

1 treatment (30 min.) € 69,00

3 treatments € 179,00

5 treatments € 266,00

Medical Packages

This treatment is meant as preparation for massages and mobilization therapies. A combination of fango and paraffin where heat transfer occurs through plates. The treatment is used as a pre-treatment to massages and physical therapy. Heat treatment for the hand and fingers. Effect: activation of metabolism, decrease of tone and pain relief.

Parafango (20 min.) € 24,00

Paraffin (20 min.) € 20,00

Mud Pack (20 min.) € 24,00

Cold curd pack (20 min.) € 16,00

Cryotherapy (10 min.) € 10,00


Therapy with electrical stimulation of muscles with functional problems. Relieves pain, improves blood circulation, stimulates and strengthens muscles.

Interferential current (10 min.) € 18,00

Galvanisation (10 min.) € 18,00

Threshold and exponential current (10 min.) € 18,00

Ultrasound (10 min.) € 20,00

Iontophoresis (10 min.) € 18,00


Individual underwater therapeutic exercises (20 min.),

single treatment € 47,00

* Requires a medical prescription.

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Key aspects at the Warmbaderhof

Medical SPA for your health

Around the gift of nature, our thermal water, a competent therapeutic team has developed some modules that serve as basis for the perfect combination of your treatments.


The VIBE Check UP, to define a tailor-made program especially for you.

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